India successfully tests ‘Hypersonic Missile’

On Monday, India joined elite US, Russia, China Hypersonic missile club after successfully testing indigenous technology demonstrator for Hypersonic missile. Defence minister Rajnath Singh congratulated DRDO for the successful test.

What does it mean with ‘Hypersonic speed’?

Hypersonic speed means ‘Highly Supersonic’ speed i.e. above Mach 5  — five times the speed of sound, or about 3,800 mph

Why is it remarkable achievement for India?

India is fourth country and only non-veto(non-permanent) member of UN Security council to have such a capability. Achieving Hypersonic speed is a very sophisticated task as it requires multiples technologies to work in tandem such as an aerodynamic design to provide stability at such high speeds, Heat Shield to protect the vehicle, jet engines to provide power and many more. It requires immense research and testing as well as qualified scientists to indigenously achieve such a remarkable capability.

Since it travels more than five times the speed of sound, it is very difficult to intercept and it gives very short time to react.

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